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Fertilizer Batching Scales

Features of Fertilizer Batching Scales:
1. The spring of its batching sensor is totally sealed and coated, thus improving its anti-corrosion capacity.
2. This fertilizer batching scales have stable performance and strong anti-jamming capacity.
3. Its materials measuring error is no more than 1%, which is quite small.
4. Material clearing device has been designed to keep the belt clean, in which way the measuring accuracy is increased.
5. Power-off protection system is employed to protect data from being affected by power failure.
6. This fertilizer batching scales are easy to adjust, operate, and maintain.

Technical Parameters of PDG Series Fertilizer Batching Scales

Model Output Allowed ambient temperature Motor power Precision (changeable) Equipment weight
PDG-B500 0.5~40 -10~50 1.1 ≤1 475
PDG-B650 5.0~60 -10~50 1.5 ≤1 550
PDG-B800 10~80 -10~50 1.5 ≤1 700
PDG-B1000 20~100 -10~50 2.2 ≤1 980

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