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Interview Wang Jia'an, General Manager of Jiangsu Pengfei

Date: 2012-06-17 08:27
Interview Wang Jia'an, General Manager of Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd
    Comply with the vigorous development in recent ten years of Chinese cement industry, Jiangsu Pengfei Group has gained emphatic achievement. Under the leading of Mr. Wang Jia'an, president & general manager of company, enterprise gradually innovates & develops, creating many a brilliants, meanwhile according to the statistics of China Building Material Machinery, the kiln & mill output in 2010 ranked first in the industry; built new area of Pengfei which is about 350,000 square meters and the construction area is 100,000 square meters meanwhile main body of first period of new section has been put into production on June 30th, 2010, thus Pengfei Group now has mechanical equipments with 300,000tpa processing capacity, it has the rotary & vertical lathe with processing diameter of 13m while machining diameter of hobbing machine is 10m, meanwhile it has 8×20m annealing furnace, 8×20m large shot peening machine with max. lifting capacity of 400t which could meet the manufacturing requirements for rotary kiln with diameter less than 8m & ball mill with the diameter less than 13 and the output of ball mill and rotary kiln could reaches 400sets and 150sets per year. Annual sale profit of 2010 has exceeded RMB 2.5 billion with swift & violent developing trend and it has ranked in the front of worldwide large-scale cement machineries. The total employees are over 1400 (while 30% are technicians.). Main products: rotary kiln, ball mill, five-stage cyclone preheater, air conditioning tower, cooler, dryer, dust collector, various crusher, conveyor, electric self-controller, etc. main equipments & auxiliary equipments of cement industry. Strong technical power, fine processing equipment & complete testing methods of pengfei group makes it have comprehensive capacity for complete set of services on process designing, civil construction, complete set of equipments supply, debugging & commissioning for rotary kiln production line with capacity less than 8000tpd.
   1. China Digital Cement: Jiangsu Pengfei Group has gained such a great achievement under the leading of Mr. Wang during over ten years after reformation from collective enterprises. Please talk about the developing history of enterprise and introduce the successful experience of enterprise.
    Mr. Wang: Since successful reformation of enterprise in 2002, we, Pengfei Group has been on the way of gradual reformation, innovation & development. "Advance with the times" is the word we have an intimate knowledge for these years. Before reformation, various problems limit the developing of enterprise. If it did´t reform, enterprise should stop developing and it was hard to survive. Meanwhile during the reformation, we figured out various difficulties. Not only the existing system should be reformed, but also the managing thought of leaders should be reformed completely which shall change the fixed thinking mode & managing system under collective system. We imported modern managing rules of enterprise and employed talented person which added the activity of enterprise. 
In the market, we should prepare in advance and know the market developing trend and adjust the development of enterprise. Before 2002, new type dry process hasn’t been greatly developed in our country, however advanced countries in the world has developed new type dry process cement production line based on the topic of energy-saving & consumption reduction, such as KHD, FL Smidth, etc. international famous enterprises which are our pacemakers in this industry. At that time, our products were mainly supplied for the vertical kiln enterprises. But we realized that new type dry process cement would develop quickly in Chinese cement market which should replace vertical kiln. Thus we advanced with the times; adjusted development in time, cooperated with design institute, learned advanced foreign technologies and extended into the range of large-scale equipments for new type dry process cement production line. Developed to produce large-scale rotary kiln, cement mill, and then developed roller press, vertical mill, etc. large-scale cement equipments according to the development of market. During recent 10 years for the high-tide construction period of new type dry process, we have made great contribution to building material machinery, enterprise developed in double rate of each year meanwhile we have become pacemaker of this industry on some key technologies.
Cement market kept warming up in recent years, Chinese cement technology & equipments has developed from importing from foreign countries into max. exporting country in the world, while Jiangsu Pengfei Group caught up this international developing chance, adequately utilized import & export right, cooperated with design institute & exported by ourselves, undertaking the main equipment manufacturing Pakistan 3000tpd cement production line cooperated with Hefei institute; undertaking 8 complete sets of cement production line projects of Thayet, Tiger, AAA, Elephant, Dragon, etc.; undertaking 2x2500tpd rotary kiln, cement mill for Vietnam Kaisa cement plant; signing contract with Rwanda CIMERWA company for 1500tpd cement production line; undertaking the turnkey project from Russia Volga cement plant for 2500tpd cement production line ......, this series case indicated that Jiangsu Pengfei group has the capacity for undertaking building material construction project for cement, metallurgical, chemical machineries & attending international bid invitation engineering. At present, Pengfei products have been sold to Germany, Russia, Brazil, Egypt, , Japan, Korea, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey, , Vietnam, South Africa, etc. over 60 countries & areas which has greatly improved international status of Pengfei. Advancing with the times & successfully extending into international market has laid a solid foundation for future developing of Pengfei.
    2. China digital cement: Jiangsu Pengfei Group always focused on brand construction, "Pengfei" cement machinery has gained various honoraries such as China top brand, Jiangsu top brand, Jiangsu provincial famous trademark, based on this, "Pengfei" trademark has been approved as China Famous Brand by SAIC on Jan. 15th, 2010. Please talk about the experiences of brand construction, Mr. Wang.
   Mr. Wang: our enterprise pays special attention to brand construction. After years of efforts, Pengfei has won more & more public praise in the industry. We has gained China top brand, Jiangsu top brand, Jiangsu provincial famous trademark and last year our trademark has been approved as China Famous Brand by SAIC.
Brand construction can't be finished quickly, but it should be constructed in a long period. While keypoint for establishing brand are four sides: quality, price, delivery time & services. Our final target is: China top brand, famous trademark, worldwide technology, international standard, Pengfei manufacturing, qualified product sold to all over the world.” and establish Pengfei brand based on this.
Jiangsu Pengfei based on the developing though of "quality is the life of enterprise". Focused on international standard, improved the quality of Pengfei product to international advanced level in advance, while as these years Pengfei implemented scientific quality managing system & seriously organized the production according to ISO9001. Pengfei not only test the raw material seriously, but also track, monitor & manage the product manufactured by Pengfei.  According to seriously management on quality, the quality of Pengfei product has been greatly improved and received good comments from international customers. Thus many first class international enterprises are attracted to cooperate with Pengfei searching for common development and sharing international market, such as FL Smidth, KHD, Polysius, etc. According to the cooperation, our quality has received good comments from the manager of first class international supervision company: Pengfei product, first class of the world.
   On price of product, Jiangsu Pengfei group pay special attention to performance price ratio. When effectively controlling the cost, transfer benefit to customers. Pengfei group never do shoddy work and use inferior material, the raw material utilized should be supplied by first class famous brand in local or international market, configured motor & reducer should comply with the requirements of customers meanwhile the quality should be matching so that the quality of product could be guaranteed. Thus our product has international competitive price, now Pengfei has the brand advantages and price competition advantages & service advantages, so we have the developing distances between medium & small equipment manufacturing enterprises.
On delivery time, we think for customers, worry about customers' need and implement the max. benefits for customers asap. Execute the contract seriously according to the fixed date.  Never affect the construction time of project for the delivery time of product. Thus rate of second glance of customers is higher & higher if things continue in this way. Thus Pengfei has gained AAA Jiangsu provincial contract and trustworthy enterprise for over ten years.
Jiangsu Pengfei group has complete set of service system & though on after sell service. In order for supplying excellent services for customers, our comply employs service personnel with positive character, strong dedication, high technical level and abundant experiences who stayed in site for guiding the erection & commissioning of machineries for long time; in order for solving problems for customers, Pengfei established emerge after-sell service which will feedback various problem and barriers of equipment during production and dispatch technicians to know the condition and eliminate the barriers. Some service personnel fly between enterprises in all over the world and even in Chinese spring festival, they can't stay with their families, as they should stay in position for guaranteeing the in-time operation for customers. Besides this, company has made the evaluation mechanism of customers, each customer should fill in the customer service report after after-sell service and stamp. Via this method, understand the degree of satisfaction and feedback & summary the comments, then adjust in time, so that the service could be optimized and service quality could be improved. 
 "As distance tests a horse's strength, so time reveals a person's heart.", Pengfei group has finally won the approval of customers and market after long-term brand construction.
   3. Jiangsu pengfei group has invested over RMB10, 000,000 for building scientific developing center, thus new product & technology has been developed gradually in these years, new product for cement industry advanced with the times and gradually innovates to strengthen the competition of enterprise, please talk about the competition of enterprise in market based on the innovated product & technology of Jiangsu Pengfei Group. 
    Mr. Wang: we want to be an innovative enterprise, scientific innovation is especially important. In order for this, we has invested over RMB 10,000,000 for building scientific developing center and organizing our own developing group. Gradually develop new proper product for market. Such as we gradually improved ball mill for these years which makes it be larger and better effect on energy saving & high efficiency, guaranteeing our advantages of ball mill market. In order for energy-saving, environmental protection for two mill and one kiln for the cement production line complying with worldwide developing trend, we developed roller press, vertical mill system during these years and has gained good achievements via gradual efforts of the whole staff. Next we shall continue extending market for vertical mill and roller press, gradually strengthen the position of Pengfei in this industry. At present we will strengthen the developing in the area which we have gained some achievements such as refuse burning, pollution treating and industrial waste treating & laterite iron, etc., gradually develop new product to meet the requirements of customers so that we could face the changing and developing building material market and make Pengfei bigger and stronger.
   4. Please talk about that whether the adjustment of industrial structure & the merging and reorganization of the industry will cause some effect on Chinese cement equipment industry, Mr. Wang, if there is effect, how about future developing trend of Jiangsu Pengfei Group?
   Mr. Wang: industrial structure adjustment of cement industry is a certain process, the rate of new type dry process cement will be increasing gradually which will finally occupies over 90%, meanwhile the concentration of cement will be higher and higher and the first 10 cement enterprises will occupies about 50%. This is a good thing, as only if the concentration of cement is higher, the pricing right of cement could be got which could guarantee a reasonable price of cement. Cement enterprises could avoid vicious competition and they could make more profits. As when the cement enterprise has good profits, our cement machinery enterprises could have more business. The high construction period of new type dry process cement production line in China has passed; following will have the larger effect on cement equipment market. However we have realized this several years ago and we have well prepared. We actively extended foreign countries means we are not going to focus only one market, meanwhile the construction of new type dry process cement production line is less, cement mill will have a high construction period complying with the elimination of cement mill with diameter less than 3.5m according to the rule issued by Chinese government, thus this will give us a large space for developing. Others, we are actively extending the business in slag powder, mineral, metallurgical industries.
   We are very confident to make Jiangsu Pengfei larger & stronger, meanwhile we are preparing to be listed in two or three in years.