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one year opening celebration of GEMIKAYA Cement Plant

Date: 2012-06-15 14:39
President Wang Jia’an attended the one year opening celebration to an Azerbaijan GEMIKAYA Cement Plant
President Wang Jia’an of Pengfei Group was invited by the owner of Azerbaijan GEMIKAYA GROUP to attend the one year opening celebration to the cement mill in 30th May 2012, as well as Azerbaijan President and NAXCIVAN President attended the ceremony, Mr. President gave high praise to the project of Pengfei, and took photos with President Wang Jia’an to mark the occasion, and Azerbaijan TV station, NAXCIVAN TV station and various of news medium reported the attendance of Azerbaijan President in time.
Jiangsu Pengfei Group signed the EP construction contract with GEMIKAYA GROUP for $15 million about dry cement production line of 800t/d in November 2009. The cement mill is in NAXCIVAN of Azerbaijan, and the project contained the craft from limestone broken to cement delivery, electrical automation design, equipment supply, installation and debugging, staff training and technical service. Project technicians of Pengfei made site investigation and raised a reasonable construction  scheme, and Pengfei organized equipment manufacture, commodity inspection, customs declaration and transportation based on the design requirements confirmed by each other through communication, Pengfei dispatched the technical staffs for 160 times to proceed technical guidance, electrical automation design, installation and debugging, staff training and technical service, and it succeed to produce in May 2011 through 18 months’hard work. Pengfei technical staffs maintained carefully and adjusted each parameter, and it reached all requirements one month later which running rate reached at 98%, and the output has reached 1000t/d steady at present through the follow-up maintaining for one year by Pengfei Group that given high praise by the owner.
GEMIKAYA GROUP is the largest group company in Azerbaijan which contains more than 10 subcompanies in building materials, food, drink, furniture and building. The cement mill made up the defect of cement import, its cement has already sold to and Turkey etc., and for more order, GEMIKAYA GROUP is talking over with Pengfei about its extended construction, and has reached good cooperation purpose.
                                                          Jiangsu Pengfei Group   Ben Daolin
Picture is the group photo of President Wang Jia’an, Azerbaijan President and cement CEO.